Thursday, October 11, 2007

Online Auto Insurance Quotes - The Guide to Getting The Best Deal

With most every car insurance company providing online auto insurance quotes these days – it’s difficult to know where to start to make a comparison.

Now almost everyone is in on the act it is more difficult for consumers to use the convenience of online facilities as another key differentiating point. Rather, an online service is another avenue that needs to be assessed to ensure you get the most accurate quotation and therefore the most suitable cover.

Now Speed Has Entered The Equation
The trouble is, now everyone is providing online car insurance, companies are trying to stand out by other means. Now it is not enough to offer online facilities, it must be the fastest online insurance. We all seem to be so busy that the thought of shaving a few minutes off is actually a key point for many consumers.

But it is critical to realise, ‘fastest’ may not necessarily be ‘best’. If your car, and family, is involved in an accident or your car is stolen what benefit will those few saved minutes be if one of your most valuable possessions is under or incorrectly insured and you lose thousands?

Points to Consider When Choosing Online Insurance
If you find the provision of online cover the key differentiating point when purchasing insurance cover, then you need to ask yourself a few questions:

Probably before you click one more button you should know the reliability of your insurer. What is their financial standing? For example, 1 Cover has a AA rating with international agency Standard and Poors. This rating indicates a company’s ability to pay out on claims.

How in depth is the online questionnaire? You might think the fewer the questions the better, but not so. There are any number of factors that can influence the final premium and accurate information needs to be obtained. These variations can result in hundreds of dollars difference on your premium and lack of relevant information could result in your being under-insured.

What is their staff like to deal with? Do you receive respectful, efficient service when you need to make a claim? One of the best ways to check this is to pick up the phone and have a chat.

When looking for online auto insurance quotes, the guide to achieving the best deals rests in reliability, service and accurate information.

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