Thursday, October 11, 2007

Car Insurance Discounts That You May Qualify For

Car Insurance Discounts That You May Qualify For:
Many auto insurance companies offer car insurance discounts to individuals or entities who meet a certain condition or conditions. Each company is a bit different, often specializing in one particular area or another, so the availability of discount auto insurance will vary depending on where you live, whether you meet certain eligibility standards, and of course on the particular company that you're dealing with.

Whenever you're shopping for a new policy, make sure to ask if there are any auto insurance discounts that you may be eligible for. It costs nothing to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised. It may even be worth your while to “become eligible” for some of this “discount auto insurance” by taking certain actions or joining certain organizations.

Low Cost Car Insurance, or the Cheapest Car Insurance Possible?
Only you can decide how vigorously to pursue the cheapest car insurance rate possible. Your driving history and habits are certainly one of the biggest factors, and something that you largely control, but perhaps by adding safety features, anti theft devices or joining the appropriate organization, you could achieve the cheapest car insurance rate possible for yourself. Even if you are eligible for only one or two discounts, the savings could be worth it. Low cost car insurance is achievable if one pays attention to the various factors involved.

Keeping in mind that our list is not complete, not all of these discounts may be available in your state, and that each insurer usually has different eligibility requirements, the following comprises some of the more common car insurance discounts that are available:

The ‘good driver’ insurance discount:
- This is one of the rewards of not having had an accident or a damaging ticket in a long time. The importance of being a good driver cannot be overstated, as it is one of the most important factors in achieving “low cost car insurance”.

The ‘good student’ car insurance discount:
- If you're a student with good grades, the assumption is that you'll also be a conscientious driver, and a somewhat lower risk to insure.

The ‘safe driver course’ insurance discount:
- Taking and passing an accredited driver safety course proves that you've invested some extra time in learning how to safely operate a vehicle on the roads. Car insurance companies tend to like this, as it's perceived as a lower insurance risk for them.

The ‘anti-theft’ car insurance discount:
- Given the cost to the insurance industry of car theft and break ins, installing devices that lessen the possibility of such can lead to lower cost car insurance.

The ‘safe vehicle’ insurance discount:
- Given the cost to the insurance industry of injury and death related to car accidents, it should come as no surprise that the safer your vehicle is, the better the chances of obtaining cheaper car insurance.

The ‘mature driver’ insurance discount:
- Typically, once you've reached a certain age, usually 50 or 55, and up to a certain point, you are regarded as a lower risk driver by auto insurance companies. A certain age range may entitle you to a car insurance discount.

The ‘low mileage’ car insurance discount:
- It stands to reason that if your vehicle is not driven very often, then you probably stand a lower risk of a car accident. Consequently, low cost car insurance may be available for you.

The ‘occupation’ auto insurance discount:
- If you hold a certain degree, or work in a certain field, insurance companies sometimes view you as a lower risk driver.

The ‘auto club’ insurance discount:
- Membership in an auto club like AAA, may entitle you to a lower rate.

The ‘association’ car insurance discount:
- Certain associations, like your alma mater may also entitle you to a discount on your auto insurance.

The ‘long-time customer’ discount:
– Loyalty and a long-time association with a particular insurance company can have its benefits. Sometimes a company will even overlook a certain “negative” regarding your driving history if you've been a long-time customer.

The ‘multi-vehicle’ insurance discount:
- If you have multiple vehicles to insure, it is usually a good idea to insure them all with the same insurance provider. Generally speaking, an insurance discount would apply.

The 'multi-line' auto insurance discount:
- Using the same insurance provider to insure both your home and auto, can also result in insurance savings.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to achieve one or more of the requirements for car insurance discounts, but obviously, one of the main factors is your previous driving record and your car insurance history.

If you want low cost car insurance, or the cheapest car insurance rate possible for your situation, the first and best place to start is with your own driving habits on a daily basis. Pay attention at all times when behind the wheel, and when you are ready to purchase a policy, don't forget to compare quotes from multiple insurers, and ask about the all of the car insurance discounts that you are eligible for.

Interestingly an insurance company that offers some discounts may not have the overall lowest price. It can't be said often enough - shop around before you buy. kanetix can help you find cheap car insurance


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